Is your teen engaging in dangerous or self-destructive behaviors?

Involved with negative peers, inappropriate social media, or drugs and alcohol? 

Experiencing depression or social anxiety?

Struggling with school attendance, discipline, or basic respect for family? 


Adolescents and Struggling Teens: Collaborative Therapy 

I provide both brief treatment, evaluation and longer-term therapy for Teens, Pre-Teens and Young Adults. The chosen therapeutic plan and goals for a teenager will be determined based on the bigger picture of a teenager’s situation, and presenting problems or symptoms. We will follow a thorough, ongoing psycho-social assessment. I provide individual, group, family, and experiential therapies—and offer consultation, networking, and confidential collaboration with parents, schools, courts, child psychiatrists and other health care professionals. 

As a Senior Management Supervisor, Clinical Social Worker and Child/Adolescent Therapist, I have been a leader in the design and development of state-of-the-art, family-centered behavioral health programs for adolescents for over 20 years in Connecticut, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. These programs were multi-faceted programs incorporating parent and family education educational services. This long-term experience helps me select a wide range of research-based treatment approaches for young people and parents, in addition to meaningful and creative interventions for youth.

My Approach With Adolescents

I work actively both with adolescents who are the most fearful, anxious, resistant, or angry; and with those who may be “high achievers” and typically “well-adjusted,” but now suddenly struggle with pressures of academic or athletic  performance, self-image, anxiety, identity concerns, depression, and worries about the future. This includes the pressures of work, family circumstances, and intimate relationships or of approaching college, independent living and vocations. 

I work with “acting-out” teenagers who are capable of being involved in therapy but may be increasingly involved in drug use, delinquent behaviors or involvement with negative peers and co-dependent, enmeshed, or destructive dating relationships. I help Middle-School Students and High School Freshmen from both Public and Private Schools who are not rising to the challenges socially, academically or behaviorally with their age-mates.  

As a therapist I work with diligence, patience, support and appropriate limit-setting where necessary. I attempt to honor each adolescent’s  level of motivation, acceptance and willingness to collaborate with me as a therapist in order to build accountability, awareness and self-responsibility. I am capable of looking at both the factors of motivation for change as well as heavy resistance to change. This is a normal and expected component of the adolescent developmental period, and how most teens view adults in the world.


  • ADD/ADHD Evaluation and Treatment
  • Adoption Issues
  • Asperger’s, Higher Functioning ASD
  • Anger Management, Problems with Impulsivity 
  • Substance Abuse Treatment,  Substance Abuse Assessment
  • (Non-Lab) Office Drug Screening (Urinalysis),  12-Step Support
  • Anxiety and Depression 
  • Assessment for Serious Mental Health Concerns 
  • School Problems, Academic Underachievement, Learning Problems
  • Identity Issues, GLBT
  • Support for Adolescents with Divorcing Parents and/or Blended Families
  • Children of Alcoholics/Addicts
  • Parent Education 
  • Aftercare Therapy following Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment, Substance Abuse Treatment, Residential Treatment and Wilderness Treatment
  • Grief and Loss Issues
  • Child and Adolescent Trauma
  • Evaluation and Referral for Experiential/Wilderness Programs, Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy, Therapeutic Boarding Schools, Rights of Passage Programs

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