I've been providing treatment, assessment, intervention, and education surrounding addictions for over 15 years.



My approach

I provide focused outpatient substance abuse treatment for any client who expresses a desire to change, and who has some level of motivation to abstain from or significantly reduce their drug(s) of choice. I am also available to help younger people to build motivation if they are moving into the “beyond control” or “heavy experimentation” stage of chemical dependency. 

Some clients have both mental health problems and chemical dependency issues. This is commonly known as “dual agnosis,” and requires planning a treatment for both the mental health and addiction problems. Clients who are physiologically dependent on substances and require medically-supervised detoxification are not appropriate for non-medically supervised outpatient therapy, and may need de-tox and rehabilitation. I do, however, see clients in active recovery following successful discharge from detoxification, inpatient and/or residential substance abuse treatment programs.


  • Confidential Substance Abuse Assessment
  • Brief Consultations
  • Individual, Group and Family Therapy 
  • In-Office, 10-Panel Urine-Drug Screening (Non-Laboratory)
  • Referral for Wilderness and Other Substance Abuse Treatment 
  • Referral and Planning for Interventions/Interventionists

Specific Treatments for Addictions

  • Motivational
  • Enhancement Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention/12-Step Support
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Group CBT/MET Therapy

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